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Nasal Swab and Specimen Container

Nasal Swab and Specimen Collection Container

Why Virus Inactive Solution Recommended?

Since SARS-Cov-2 is single stranded RNA virus, it’s fragile and not like DNA virus, double strand is more stable. RNA will degrade
itself due to the fragile structure, neither to say there are full of RNase in the environment. Swabs and Specimen Containers comes as a kit and the solution in specimen containers will inactive the virus by lysis with guanidine, RNase will be inactive too.

The virus will be 90-100% preserved in 24H, and 80-90% preserved in 3 days. Keep in -20 degree will be preserved for > 1 year.

Swabs and Specimen Containers and the solution are manufactured with highest quality materials. The guanidine solution is recommended to collect Ebola virus in 2014. There are several articles prove that guanidine is better choice for SARSCoV-2 sample collection:

Oropharyngeal Swab and Specimen Container

  • Inactive the virus is important for sample transportation and lab staffs
  • The UTM (Universal Transfer Media) is not recommended because it caused some cases lab infectious
  • And 60 ºC cook for 30min will eliminate a lot of RNA because RNase is active in 56 ºC

Most of the clinical labs and 3rd party labs
are using inactive solution in China, only some CDC labs used UTM because they tried to culture and separate the virus. Many experts recommend to use inactive solution if the lab only tests PCR and not for culture purpose.

Oropharyngeal Swab and Specimen Container
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